Original RooSport - (6x4")

Original RooSport - (6x4")

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This is NOT Sweatproof/Rainproof.  This is our 2nd generation pocket.  We have not manufactured it since 2014.   Amazon is currently advertising it online for $35!  It is confusing and we cannot get it off their platform. 

It was replaced by our RooSport 2.0 that is entirely made of Waterproof/Sweatproof fabric making it the most water/sweat resistant pocket we have made. When carrying a cell phone in an Original RooSport use a ziploc bag to protect it.  We sell them on our website:  RooBags $2.99

It is 6" x 4" Holds Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6, Holds 5+ Energy Gels without the phone and 3 with it. Zipper Pocket and inner pocket lined with RipStop water resistant fabric.

*Our original RooSport is made from water resistant nylon and has a small pocket for your ID, cash, and credit cards.  A second larger pouch will hold your phone.  

Need more water resistance and and extra pocket for key, lip balm, etc..? 

Buy a RooSport 2.0 or RooSportPlus for larger phones  

Measures 6x4"  

*Please do not use a RooSport with the iPod Classic. The iPod Classic harddrive uses an older magnet sensitive technology. Any other iPod will work fine.