Theme Park RooSportPlus Blue

Theme Park RooSportPlus Blue

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Theme Park Blue w/White Polka Dots

Our award winning RooSportPlus designed to hold all larger iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone X phones and the Samsung 8/9 and Plus and Note 9.  Larger Android models as well.  It is also best for smaller phones with large cases.  

*Made in USA* 

*One side headphone cord hole below zipper.

This new version features many of the requests we have received from our customers, notably brand new colors, a concealed zipper pocket, and much more including:
* An easy access, small items pocket, on the flap!  Also will hold the RooSport Power Bank for charging your phone while using the RooSportPlus

*Entire pocket made from waterproof fabric.  

Machine Washable and Air Dry.

Have the new Samsung 8/9?  Order RooSportPlus model. 

Dimensions: 7.5" by 4.5"


*Please do not use any RooSport with the iPod Classic. The iPod Classic uses hard drive technology that is older magnet sensitive technology.  Any other/newer iPod will work fine.