Power Bank Blue  (US Only)

Power Bank Blue (US Only)

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RooSport Power Bank is designed to fit in the front pocket of your RooSport or RooSportPlus.  After fully charging slip the Power Bank in the zippered front pocket and run the cord you need to charge your phone out the end of the zipper and into the hole on the side of the RooSport where your headphone cord runs and plug your phone into the battery!  Charge your phone while at the Gym, Running, Hiking, Biking, Walking or at a Theme Park or Ballgame!  It is designed to be lightweight enough to carry comfortably and yet it will charge your phone 90-95%. (Depending on the apps you are running)  It will recharge up to 500 times and comes with a 90 Day Warranty.  Another great product from RooSport to keep you active and comfortable at the same time! 

3000 mAh w/ Triple USB cord for charging the battery and the device. Typically will charge a cell phone 90-95% (depending on apps running on the phone) 4 OZ in weight. 4..5" in length x 1.5" in width x 3/8" thick. Designed to fit in the RooSport flap in front.