An Honest Review of The Running Buddy – The RooSport vs. The Running Buddy Pouch

An Honest Review of The Running Buddy

In this quick review of The Running Buddy, The RooSport was introduced into the marketplace in September of 2011. The RooSport was sold at Race Expos and on the internet with great success.  About a year and a half later in 2013, the Running Buddy/Buddy Pouch hit the market.  Because the two products look almost identical online, including the R in our logos, this has created a lot of brand confusion and the purpose of this article is to clarify those differences.

Size and Weight Differences of The Running Buddy and The RooSport

1. The original RooSport was black in color, with a mesh backing.  It is a 6” x 4” pocket with 2 strong magnets that run horizontally and is designed to attach to any waistband.  It is made out of a lightweight nylon and weighs 1.4 ounces.

2. The Running Buddy/Buddy Pouch was also black in color with a mesh front. It also measures 6” x 4”. It has 4 magnets running vertically.  It is made out of a heavier/bulkier material and weighs 3 oz. (Twice the weight).

3. The RooSport is worn inside of the waistband. It is made out of the same fabric as running shorts and is designed to become a part of the short. Wearing it inside prevents bouncing, rubbing and chafing.

4. The Running Buddy/Buddy Pouch, is worn on the outside of the waistband with a 6’ x 4’ stiffer flap on the inside of your shorts.

5. The RooSport has an open pocket to make accessing your items easy, and a zippered pocket inside to secure cash or cards.

6. The Running Buddy/Buddy Pouch also has 2 pockets on the outside that have to be accessed through a velcro’d flap. One of the other inside pockets is also closed by Velcro making it difficult to access when wearing.

Conclusions from our review of The Running Buddy vs. The RooSport

In reviewing the two products here’s what we have found. The RooSport is more comfortable to wear.  One of the biggest compliments found on the website or at Expos, is that you can’t feel you are wearing it. A common comment is “I forgot I had it on.”  Its comfort far outweighs the Running Buddy/Buddy Pouch. To read my thorough review of The RooSport, you can go here now.

Another Plus is that The RooSport is machine washable. The Running Buddy/Buddy Pouch is not.

The RooSport’s lighter weight is another big factor. The weight of the Running Buddy/Buddy Pouch, especially when items are added, can become too heavy for the waistband and fall off.

Another Review of The Running Buddy vs. The RooSport

” I bought this because it QVC. I am a lifetime marathon runner. It doesn’t hold my phone and what I need. I found out my new pocket The Roo Sport holds everything and doesn’t inch my pants down. The Running Buddy copies the Roo Sports every move. Go for the better original one that works.”

With its sleek design the RooSport is great for traveling.  With a layer of clothes you cannot see it due to the fact that it is only ½” thick folded over your waistband.  The new 2.0 design has an inside pocket that zips closed and is specifically designed to secure your Passport.  Also the RooSport offers a larger pocket, The RooSport Plus for the larger phones.

The Running Buddy/ Buddy Pouch also holds a passport but is bulkier and 1” thick when folded over your waistband.

The RooSport has been named by Runner’s World Magazine as one of its top 30 accessories on their Gift List three years in a row for 2013, 2014, and 2015!!!  Go here to order your RooSport now!

I hope that this review of The Running Buddy has helped you to see some of the important differences between The RooSport and The Running Buddy.