Q:  How does the RooSport attach?
A:  It magnets over the waistband of your clothing to provide you with a pocket.
Q:  Can I wear a RooSport on all of my sportswear?
A:  Yes, the RooSport can be worn on any of your clothing to give you a pocket to carry your things. It is especially good on women’s pants and skirts that have no pockets; for instance, leggings, Capri’s, yoga pants, skirts, slacks, compressions shorts, etc. It even works with denims!
Q:  What can a RooSport hold?
A:  It is great for carrying cell phones, credit cards, cash, energy gels, lip balm, keys, etc. The Travel Wally is also a great travel wallet.  Easily hold your Passport, cash, credit cards and other items. 
Q:  Will the RooSport hold my cell phone?
A:  Yes, the RooSport will hold your cell phone. The RooSport will hold up to an iPhone 8 or GS6 with a slim case. If you have a Lifeproof Case or Plus size phone the RooSportPlus has you covered.
Q:  Can I carry my cell phone standing up in the pocket? 
A:  Yes, because of the way the RooSport is designed, it will not fall out. It is very comfortable and convenient to stand your cell phone up in the RooSport instead of laying it down inside of the pocket. It is easy to access, and is helpful if you have a very large phone.  Many people run marathons with their plus-sized phones standing up.
Q:  Will the magnets affect my cellphone?
A:  No.  In 2001 technology changed in the design of cell phones.  Since smart phones do not have a hard drive there is nothing for a magnet to affect.  Your smart phone is safe inside the RooSport.
Q:  Will my cell phone fit with my headphones connected?
A:  In most cases the phones will take up the majority of the space inside the RooSport. We have designed an opening on the side of the pocket to accommodate threading the headphones through to the outside of the RooSport.
Q:  Are all electronic devices safe inside of the RooSport
A:  The only electronic devices that are not safe by magnets in general are those with hard drives.  Cellphones do not have hard drives.  The older iPod Classic does.  The new iPods do not have hard drives.  Magnets do not affect SD Cards or Zip Drives.
Q:  Can I wear the RooSport on the back of my waistband?
A:  Yes!  Yes, the RooSport can be worn on either the front or back of your waistband. It is very comfortable. Many runner’s and bikers like to wear it on the back. 
Q:  Is the RooSport waterproof?
A:  No, it is not. It is sweatproof and rainproof even when running marathons!  The outside zipper pouch is the same. 
Q:  Are the magnets strong enough to hold it on my waistband? 
A:  The magnets are very strong rare earth magnets.
Q:  Can I wear it on the inside or the outside of my shorts or pants? 
A:  The RooSport is designed to be worn on the inside of your waistband. Wearing it next to your body on the inside, coupled with the strength of the magnets makes the RooSport very secure and it is very comfortable and it is designed to be worn that way.  However, it can be worn on the outside it you are not carrying anything heavy enough to bounce.
Q:  Will it pull my shorts down? 
A:   No. The RooSport works well on all athletic wear. If you are wearing compression wear it is great. If you have a looser short or skirt on, and are carrying something heavy like your cell phone, just tie up the tie on your shorts after putting on the RooSport. It will keep it nicely in place!
Q:  Does it bounce when I run?
A:  No, not at ALL! There is no bouncing even when carrying your cell phone.  Your waistband holds it snug and it does not move. 
Q:  Does it rub or chafe?
A:  No. The magnet holds the RooSport so securely on your waistband, that it does not move back and forth which is what causes chafing. The fabric against you is lycra (spandex) and is very soft even though it is worn on the inside of your shorts or pants.
Q:  Can I carry an Inhaler or EpiPen in my RooSport?
A:  Yes.  An inhaler will fit in either size comfortably.  When carrying an EpiPen the RooSportPlus will hold a double pack in the main pocket or one in the outside zipper pocket. 
Q:  Will the RooSport carry an Insulin Pump?
A:  Yes!  Very comfortably and discreetly.  Drop it in on its side with the tube at the top and you can run the tube right out the headphone cord hole. Comfortable to sleep with and wear everyday.   
Q:  Will the RooSport erase my Credit Cards or Hotel Room Keys?
A:  When you place the credit cards into the RooSport they actually sit below the magnet.  But with the new Chip Cards they are not affected at all!  If you have a Hotel key that has a strip it can be affected.  If you have the newer style hotel room key that you use by touching the door knob (Chip Technology) it will not bother them at all.