An Honest Review of The Spibelt

In this review of the SPIbelt, I’ll give my personal take on why I believe The RooSport, a new product on the market, is a great alternative to the SPIBelt. 

Here’s the deal: I believe that ideas for products are born out of desperation, combined with a touch of inspiration. I’m sure that is what happened with the SpiBelt. There was a need for a suitable method to carry personal  items while running, and thus it was created. My personal review is a combination of my personal use, as well as comments from thousands of runners I meet every day at expos, and shows.

Review of The SPIbelt

In this review of the SPIbelt, I commonly hear objections to four aspects of the SPIbelt.       #1:  One of the biggest drawbacks I’ve found while reading spibelt reviews, is that it bounces when you run. Although it is designed to hold a large phone, energy gels, and other items, the more you put in the pouch, the heavier it gets, and the heavier it gets, the more it bounces. Whether you are on a short run or a marathon, this gets annoying.       #2:  Another observance is depending on your body type, the SpiBelt tends to ride up. If you are smaller in the waist than the hips, which most of us are, this exaggerates the problem. Getting it to stay put is hard. Because it relies on an elastic strap to secure the pouch, the stretchy band tends to not stay in place, which then increases the bounce making it worse. Tightening the belt helps, but then it becomes uncomfortable or feels constricting.      #3:  Some people like to wear the SpiBelt on the small of their backs. It is not a bad solution, but one that requires either stopping during the race to access it, or turning the belt around as you are running and taking extra time trying to get into it. I have seen other runners in a race, reach around behind them to try to unzip the pouch, just to have all their gels come tumbling out on the road.       #4:  Lastly the SpiBelt has a universal issue, and that is dealing with sweat. Many customers have resorted to putting electronics in plastic bags to protect them, and this is what I do. They have since come out with a waterproof pocket, but it is said to be stiffer and not stretchy, which is important when carrying your load!

My Conclusion:  Review of The SPIbelt

This thorough review of The SPIbelt was brought upon by years of really having no alternative.  After really becoming exasperated with the available options, I took things into my own hands and invented the world’s first attachable, magnetic running pocket – The RooSport. As a runner, you know if you’re out on a long run, or if it is an especially hot day, any minor annoyance can become a major pain. The SPIBelt is a great solution where there is no other. Luckily now there is another! Because of these issues, and the fact that I can’t stand anything around my waist, I was forced to come up with The RooSport. It is such a great product that solves all of the above issues. Because of the strength of the magnet, and way it is worn up against your body, it becomes a part of your shorts, and you don’t even know you’re wearing it. It is the new solution for packing around your gear. Give it a try and be sure to visit my entire, in-depth review of the RooSport on this page here. It is well worth the experience, and an improvement on the SPIBelt.  If you’d like, read more independent reviews of The RooSport and compare those reviews to my review of The SPIbelt from sources like these. Like me, you’ll ultimately realize that to “Go Beltless” is simply the better option!  For a different perspective and review of the SPIbelt and it’s alternative go here When that time comes, I hope that this review of the SPIBelt will help you to order a RooSport!  So be sure to order a few RooSports by going here now.