RooSport 6" x 4"

*Made in USA* Large enough to hold up to an iPhone 8 or GS6 with a slim case. 

This RooSport features fun colors, a concealed zipper pocket, and much more including:
* An easy access, small items pocket, on the flap!
* Designed to fit phones (including the iPhone 6-8 and GS6 with a slim case)
* Entire pocket made from waterproof fabric.                                                                        * One side headphone cord hole below zipper.                                                                    * Runner?  Holds 5 Energy Gels, Sports Beans, Electrolytes, meds, and more                      * Type 1 Diabetic?  Comfortably carries Insulin Pump/Meters/Syringes                                * EpiPen User?  Order our RooSportPlus                                                                          * Travel?  Our Travel Wally is designed for you!   

Machine Washable and Air Dry

Dimensions: 6 inches by 4 inches

Have a larger phone? 

*Please do not use any RooSport with the iPod Classic. The iPod Classic uses hard drive technology that is older magnet sensitive technology.  Any other iPod or MP3 will work fine.

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